How To Be a Good Committee Member

A Guide to Being a Great Secretary

A Guide to Being a Great Chairperson

A Guide to Being a Great Treasurer

SSKB Innovation

The SSKB app: Walkthrough

Online nominations

Invoice Hub: Logging In

Invoice Hub: Other Tabs

Invoice Hub: Important Tips

Invoice Hub: Intro to the Hub

Invoice Hub: Approval Tab

Meet the Team at SSKB

Meet SSKB’s: Head of Strategy and Innovation

Meet our team: Lisa and Rachel

Meet our team: Charlotte and Monique

Meet our team: Kate and Zoe

Frequently Asked Questions

How are exclusive uses first allocated?

How do I make improvements to my lot?

Isn’t SSKB the Body Corporate or Owners Corporation?

What happens when my account is in arrears?

What is an arrears notice?

What is a Quorum?

Who is responsible for the maintenance of common areas?

I want to keep a pet, how do I do that?

What is arrears and why is it important?

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