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We understand every Body Corporate has different needs and preferences. That is why we offer a complete and friction-less management solution. This includes digitised forms, online voting, virtual meetings, the SSKB app, digital nominations and more. Don’t like technology? No problem, you will have a direct phone line to your Community Manager and continue to have acess to face to face meetings. We perfectly match a management team that will suit your preferences as a Committee.


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“As Secretary/Treasurer of DoubleOne3 Body Corporate, Teneriffe (a scheme of 111 Lots), I have the need for frequent contact with our SSKB body corporate management team. My enquiries are responded to promptly and all directions are carried out efficiently and effectively. The service we receive is highly personalised, which is very important to me, as the right support for persons in effect volunteering their time to a body corporate committee provides all members with the confidence required to continue in their roles. I do not hesitate in recommending SSKB to be considered for your body corporate managers.”
Secretary/Treasurer of DoubleOne Body Corporate

“As Chairperson and BMS representative of Festival Towers, which is a 403 Lot building, I have found SSKB to be highly proficient in the management of the residential scheme as well as the BMS. SSKB consistently provide Festival Towers with proactive and knowledgeable advice as well as recommendations to the Committee based on their many years of expertise managing similar bodies corporate. SSKB through their arrears management process have been able to consistently maintain minimal arrears at Festival Towers, meaning that levies are struck and collected without delay and the Body Corporate has sufficient funds to meet its expenditure and can maximise any investment opportunities. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of SSKB to other bodies corporate.”

Chairperson and BMS representative of Festival Towers

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