Women in Management Rights

Last Wednesday SSKB and Freedom Internet partnered to bring Brisbane the launch of a networking group for Women in Management Rights.

The group is co-ordinated by Marisa Millane, an experienced industry veteran who has been running Women in Management on the Gold Coast for the past 3 years. The group will continue to get together every couple of months for lunch were members can share information, learn new things and most importantly have some fun!

At This Months Lunch

This months lunch was held at The Defiant Duck in Newstead.

Women from around the Brisbane and Gold Coast area attended to network with each other and share their tricks of the trade.

There were a variety of experts from the property industry including Strata Management, Bulk Utilities, Solar, Property Management, Management Rights, Internet Services, Developers and more!

SSKB facilitated a Q&A were all attendees were welcome to ask any questions they had about the confusing world of Strata!

Some topics that were discussed throughout the day were facilities management, the changes to the Body Corporate and Community Management (Standard Module) Regulation 2008, tips and tricks for caretakers, and general questions relating to the individual circumstances of the attendees. 

Women in Management is a space where women in the industry can share, support and learn from each other. We want you to leave our events and feel like you have gained from the experience.

SSKB and Freedom Internet support and empower women in the property industry. It was great to see such a powerful group of women sharing their experiences and discussing how they are going to reach their future goals in the property industry. The Women in Management Rights events allow women to work together to reach these goals.

If you would like to attend our next event, follow SSKB on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay up to date with the events or email marisa@womenin.com.au for more information on our upcoming Women in Management Rights Lunches. We look forward to seeing you at our next event.

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