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The people who come into our lives are blessings.  They give us an opportunity to learn.

One blessing which has come my way is having a daughter: Emma.  She is the apple of my eye (Where does that saying come from?)  She makes me laugh, she makes me smile.  She frustrates me because she is messy and forgetful.  She inspires me because she is kind and considerate.  I like spending time with her.  I think she likes spending time with me.  My job is to mentor (a.k.a. torture) her with my Dad Wisdom.

When she left school last year her first life goal was to party for Australia: this is a goal she was well on her way to achieving until Covid stifled her training program.  Up to then she was out late almost every night.  Apparently, the way licensed establishments and parties work these days is once you arrive, you aren’t allowed to leave until 2 a.m.  Even if you want to come home, there is a bouncer at the door who tells you to stay and have another dance.  At least that is what she has told me, and I believe her because I am her Dad.

Emma is presently in her first year of university so she is pondering what she wants to do with her life other than being the last to leave any party she attends.  This is a great opportunity to give her a dose of Dad Wisdom.  One of the messages I hope I have passed on to Emma is that equally important to “what you do” is to find meaning in “why you are doing it”.

There is actually a common answer to the finding of meaning:  everyone of us is here to serve the community in which we live, and if you become comfortable with a life of service there is joy, contentment and passion in all professions.

At SSKB we have selected a career where we serve our lot owners and our committees.  I don’t care that it sounds trite.  The team at SSKB get great satisfaction when we help the people in our Bodies Corporate.  Whether it is making sure they get their levy notice, helping them save money on utilities, running a fantastic meeting, having accurate financial statements so they understand their position, responding to an email and getting them an answer to a question.  There are so many ways we try to help, and it is rewarding.  It is the fuel that keeps us going.

We express our mission via our statement of making a positive difference in the lives of our lot owners.  It is about making it easy for our lot owners to achieve the things they want to achieve.  It isn’t about forcing them to comply with technical body corporate law.  Nobody wants to comply with Body Corporate law.  What they want to do is achieve their other personal goals, within the confines of the rules and regulations that are part of community living.  We are here to help them achieve while complying.

When you are a professional Body Corporate manager it isn’t about being the smartest person in the room.  It is about being the most helpful and considerate person in the room.  That is what we are here for.

Stay strong, embrace the opportunity to serve.  Model yourself on Emma and never leave a party early.

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