What to Look For in a Manager

Every property is unique and can be run differently by each Committee. However, there are some attributes that your Community Manager should ideally have to ensure your scheme runs smoothly.

The role of a Community Manager is to support Committees and ultimately your Body Corporate/Owners Corporation in meeting legislative and administrative obligations. This requires your Community Manager to have excellent communication skills and be responsive to owners and Committee members.


When any concerns by the Committee or owners are communicated, a good Community Manager will respond promptly and assist with resolving any issues efficiently.

Your Community Manager is responsible for preparing and distributing notices, agendas and minutes, attending meetings, providing guidance and expert advice on taxation and legislative matters, obtaining quotes for works and assisting with the running of  your community. Therefore, the responsiveness of your Manager is imperative to allow tasks to be completed in a timely manner.

Experience & Industry Knowledge

When managing a strata property, nothing beats experience. Community Managers who have had involvement with a diverse range of large, small, old and new schemes will have knowledge to assist with any issues that may arise in your community.  The most effective Community Manager has access to a diverse knowledge-base and can adapt to your specific building to make a positive difference to your strata community.

Excellent Communication Skills

One of the most important parts when selecting a Community Manager is to ensure your manager has good communication skills.

Communication is much more complex than it seems, as different personality types communicate in different ways. Some prefer short and sharp and to the point, while others would like lengthy discussions and detailed communication. It is all about finding the perfect manager to match how your Committee operate.

How does SSKB ensure each Committee is partnered with the right Manager?

At SSKB our team enjoy regular Stratasure training with a focus on effective communication with both Committee members and owners. Our managers come from a wide range of backgrounds bringing a wide range of skills and experience, such as management rights, local and state Government, banking and administration, as well as directly from the strata industry.  

The SSKB team of professional Community Managers are fully equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience to successfully manage your Body Corporate or Owners Corporation community.

If your current Community Manager is not proactive and does not return emails and phone calls within a reasonable time frame, now is the time to make the switch to SSKB. If you are not an SSKB client and you would like to find out how simple it is to switch, click here to contact us today.

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