What is the Best Method to Change Strata Managers?

Are you completely satisfied with your current Strata Manager? Changing Strata Managers is easier than you think. 

Many Bodies Corporate/Owners Corporations are unhappy with the service they are receiving from their current manager however are unsure how to change to a new management company. 

It is important to make sure the right Body Corporate Manager is appointed for each scheme. Many lot owners think changing community managers is difficult when in fact, SSKB can make the process very easy for you. We take care of the changeover process and the handover of the records.  

So, how can you change Strata Managers and have a fresh start with SSKB? 

  • Contact SSKB for a confidential discussion to better understand your needs and concerns.
  • Determine the expiry date of your current agreement and identify your financial year end.
  • Instruct your current manager NOT to include a motion to renew their agreement in your AGM agenda.
  • Instruct then to include SSKB’s agreement and the motion for appointment in the AGM agenda.
  • Once appointed, SSKB will arrange a seamless handover of your building from your current manager.

Your investment is important and finding a strata manager to protect your asset shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is important to find the right fit for your building. Before making the decision of which strata company to go with, SSKB are more than happy to visit your building and have a discussion with your committee to better understand your scheme.

With SSKB you will have access to a dedicated team of professionals. These include your Community Manager, Assistant Community Manager, Accountant, and our unique Client Solutions team for owners.

We get to know your community using the below process to ensure there is no delay to your Community Management Service.

  • SSKB obtains the records from the previous Manager.
  • SSKB audits the documents handed over.
  • Our expert team including our in-house accountants enter the information into our software system.
  • A welcome pack is sent out giving all owners the information they need for a smooth transition.
  • The Community Manager reviews the minutes of the AGM and previous Committee meetings.
  • A Committee audit of the documents and records is prepared.
  • Your first SSKB Committee meeting is held, and communication protocols established.

It is a big decision when choosing your strata manager. If you have thought about changing but are unsure of the process SSKB can help. Click here for an obligation free consultation today.

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