What Does a Body Corporate Manger Do?

The SSKB team of professional Community Managers are fully equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience to successfully implement strategies to deal with the day-to-day operations of a body corporate or owners corporation community.
From preparing budgets to advising of changes in prevailing decisions from the commissioners office. Your community manager at SSKB has direct access to advice and support from highly skilled and experienced finance experts including 3 CPAs, 7 degrees and 2 chartered accountants. As a whole we have 75 years of experience.
Collaborating with the stakeholders of each bodies corporate. Having been around for over 25 years, SSKB has established strong relationships with access to leading companies within the property industry.
The body corporate manager needs to make a positive difference in the lives of lot owners with superb service. We have specific processes in place to ensure our community managers can spend more time face to face with lot owners and committee members.
The body corporate manager should not be confused with the building manager. The building manager is there to ensure the building is repaired and maintained in accordance with the terms and conditions of their caretaking agreement.
The role of the body corporate committee is to administer common property and body corporate assets for the benefit of all owners and to undertake functions required under the body corporate legislation. SSKB provides expert advice and support to the committee.

A body corporate manager is responsible for:

  • Budgeting and Forecasting Strata Title Schemes
  • Implementing maintenance strategies in accordance with set budgets
  • Management of relationships with contractors and stakeholders in the scheme
  • Issuing collection of levies
  • Calling and minuting meetings
  • Implementing motions and committee directives.

Day to day roles a body corporate manager is responsible for:

  • Overseeing/Managing residential and commercial properties
  • Proving guidance on relevant legislative matters
  • Actioning the directions of the committee while proving continuity of management process and recordkeeping.

The body corporate manager must work positively with each committee guiding them through the legislative frame work.

The body corporate manager facilitates a number of meetings each year:

  • 1 annual general meeting
  • 1 budget meeting
  • A specific number of committee meetings

So are there things a Community Manager does not do?

A Community Manager is not the same as a building manager whose duties may include the maintenance of common property, however a committee may ask a strata manager to arrange for those services to be performed.
Neither are Community Manager real estate or letting agents.
A Community Manager does not set levies or makes decisions on running of a strata community – that is prerogative and obligation of the lot owners.
They cannot give legal advice, but they can point to relevant clauses in state legislation that may assist committees to make a decision.
SSKB customizes our meeting agreements to the needs of specific bodies corporate. Click here to make the switch today.

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