What Community Managers Wished RUMs Knew About Strata

The relationship between property managers, caretakers and Resident Unit Managers (RUMs) and strata Community Managers is an important one.
Together, they ensure strata communities are well run from legislative compliance and financials, through to maintenance and repair of the building itself.
Even though they have the same goals, their tasks are quite different.
We asked our Community Managers to tell us what things they would love you to know about their role.
Community Managers act on instructions from the committee
In many respects Community Managers are the middle man between caretakers, RUMs and property managers.
Community Managers cannot make decisions on behalf of the strata community – that is the responsibility of the committee. The strata committee instructs the Community Manager.
The way to effectively work together is through forward planning and alerting the Community Managers to potential issues to allow time to receive instructions from the committee.
We have a team to support you and your community
Community Managers work with a number of strata communities and may sometimes be unavailable as they attend to other clients.
The good news is SSKB’s Community Managers are supported by Assistant Community Managers who are up to speed on each community’s challenges. This means if you’re unable to reach a
Community Manager straight away, the Assistant Community Manager can answer your questions or get things rolling.
In addition, SSKB has specialist accountants and a dedicated Client Solutions department who are available to address specific queries.
Be up to date with your community’s by-laws/rules
Misunderstandings can happen – especially when residents are new to strata living or who are not familiar with the community by-laws/rules.
By-laws/rules can vary from property to property as owners tailor the rules to best suit their needs.
Caretakers, RUMs, property managers can all help tremendously by being familiar with the specific by-laws/rules which apply to the individual property, and ensuring that each new resident receives a copy of the applicable rules rather than rely on the model rules/by-laws.

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