Using The SSKB Portal For Self Service – QLD

As a lot owner in an SSKB managed building, you have access to the SSKB portal. The portal is a one stop shop for documents and information relating to your body corporate, as well as links to

SSKB’s latest news articles. The portal is updated daily with financial information. You are able to see payment history relating to your lot account and view any contributions that are due. Meeting minutes are uploaded to the portal as they become available after a meeting has been held.

Below are some tips to help you make the most of the portal as a lot owner.

Logging In
The first time you visit the portal, you will need to create a user account. As an SSKB client, you will have received a Welcome Letter that contains a User ID and Password for your property. This information is required to set up your User Account.  If you need this user ID and password re-sent to you, please contact our Client Solutions team on (07) 5504 2000 or at for assistance.

To access the portal, visit and click ‘Portal Log In’
Select ‘Create’ and enter your User ID and Password.
Select ‘Upgrade’ and enter your email address which will be used as your future login.
If you are having issues creating a User Account, there is a short video available on the home page that will help you through the process – click here to view the video.

Updating Your Details
Should you need to update your details on the body corporate roll, you can do so easily by visiting the ‘My Info’ tab and selecting ‘My Details.’

The ‘My Details’ tab will allow you to update your details on the body corporate roll and to elect to receive contribution notices and meeting documentation via email.

Please be aware that should you add a phone number or email address to your account, this will form part of the body corporate records.

Where To Find Documents Pertaining To Your Body Corporate
A wide range of documents specific to your building are available on the Portal. These include financial statements, meeting minutes, sinking fund forecasts and the Community Management Statement for your body corporate.

Disclosure Statements and Certificates of Currency are available for immediate download from the portal for a small fee.

To access the required documents, visit the ‘Reports and Documents’ tab. A list of available documents will show up on the page. Simply click the ‘Download’ symbol next to the document you require and enter your email address, and the document will show on your screen and be forwarded to your inbox.

Levy notices received in the mail can be paid via Stratapay using the ‘QuickPay’ option on the log in page of the portal. Simply enter your 8 digit Stratapay reference number and hit the ‘QuickPay’ button.

Amounts owing on your account can be found by logging in and navigating to the ‘Payments’ tab and selecting ‘Make Payment.’ The prepopulated amount is what is currently owing on the account. This amount is editable, so if you wish to make an additional payment towards your account, you can edit this amount.

Linking Other Properties / Linking Other Co-Owners

If you are a co-owner, or own lots in multiple bodies corporate, the following screencasts may be helpful in linking your account. Remember, you will need to use the same email address for each property you wish to link. Also should you change wish to change email addresses, this would need to be updated in both the body corporate records and on the portal.

Click here for a video on how to link your other properties
Click here for a video on how to link other co-owners

If you are having any issues accessing your portal account or using any of the features, please don’t hesitate to give our Client Solutions team a call and we would be happy to assist.

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