The Role of the Committee

The Committee is the executive arm of the Body Corporate/Owners Corporation. The Role of the Committee is to put into effect the lawful decisions of the strata title. It is a group charged with decision-making power to deal with matters of lesser importance that confront a Body Corporate/Owners Corporation during the year. Every Body Corporate/Owners Corporation must have a Committee, unless a Body Corporate Manager is engaged in a place of the Committee to carry out the executive functions.
The Committee is elected yearly at the annual general meeting.
Committee Members are representatives of all owners, not just themselves. For this reason they must disqualify themselves from voting on any issue where they have a direct pecuniary financial interest, though the Committee Members may not be excluded from the meeting. Where a possible conflict concerns a non-voting Committee Member, voting members have the right to exclude the non-voting member of the Committee from the meeting. It is curious to note there is no similar provision dealing with voting members of the Committee.
Committee members must be selfless in the way they go about their duties. They must take a long-term view of the Body Corporate to ensure the facilities management produces the most beneficial long-term impact on the community titles scheme. Generally, Committee Members are not entitled to payments for their services nor to reimburse their expenses unless such a payment is approved by ordinary resolution at a general meeting. This resolution is subject to strict requirements.

The duties of the Committee members include-

  • Attending all the committee meetings each year. These meetings are called as required and are usually quarterly.
  • Reading the meeting notices prior to attending the meeting.
  • Attending to various jobs (e.g. obtaining quotes for painting or gardening).

Generally Committee Members do all these things without any remuneration for their time and talents.
SSKB loves working with Committees who are active and forward thinking in their Strata Community. If you are part of a pioneering Committee, we would love to work with you. If you are not with SSKB, click here to contact us today.

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