The Role of a Community Manager – Victoria

The SSKB team of professional Owners Corporation Managers are fully equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience to successfully implement strategies to deal with the day-to-day operations of an owners corporation community.

But sometimes people get confused about the duties of an owners corporation manager.

Each state in Australia has different legislative requirements and terminology resulting in many different ways to refer to the topic of owners corporation management, but the role is exactly the same.

The role of an Owners Corporation Manager

The role of a owners corporation manager is to support strata communities to meet the legislative and administrative obligations of running an owners corporation.

The specific duties performed may change from community to community dependent on its size, complexity and the involvement of the owners corporation committee. That role is spelled out in the management agreement. An owners corporation manager can only take instructions from the committee.

Some of an owners corporation manager’s tasks include:

  • prepare and distribute notices, agendas and minutes
  • attend to correspondence
  • arrange quotations for repairs and maintenance
  • take out and maintain required insurance
  • pay all invoices
  • prepare and distribute financial statements and budgets
  • provide owners corporation certificates
  • keep and maintain the owners corporation register
  • keep and maintain records
  • arrange audits and reports required by law
  • prepare and implement a grievance procedure, and
  • ensure compliance with the Owners Corporations Act 2006, the Owners Corporations Regulations 2007 and rules.

So are there things an owners corporation manager does not do?

An owners corporation manager is not the same as a building manager whose duties may include the maintenance of common property, however a committee may ask their owners corporation manager to arrange for those services to be performed.

Neither are owners corporation managers real estate or letting agents.

An owners corporation manager does not set levies or makes decisions on running of an owners corporation community – that is the prerogative and obligation of the lot owners.

They cannot give legal advice, but they can point to relevant clauses in state legislation that may assist committees to make a decision.

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