The Advantages of Apartment Living – Why You Should Buy Off-the-plan

Apartment living is becoming increasing popular throughout Australia due to the many advantages. From affordability, sustainability, amenities, community living, maintenance, lifestyle, location, safety and more, it is easy to see why apartment living is becoming the preferred choice for many residents.

The Advantages of Apartment Living


One of the advantages of living in an apartment is the use of the amenities.

Some of the newer developments throughout Australia have facilities such as pools, spas, gyms, saunas and tennis courts. Some of the buildings we manage even go that extra step further and have golf simulations and roof top cinemas – who wouldn’t want access to that!

Unless you were on a hefty paycheck it is unlikely that you would be able to afford to have these amenities if you lived in a standalone house.

Location and Affordability

Most apartment properties are located close to the CBD or in areas of high demand. If you were to purchase a house in these areas, you would pay a significantly higher cost than the price of buying an apartment in the same location. Not to mention, if you buy off-the-plan you are purchasing a brand-new apartment compared to a house in the same area that may be of a significant age.


Instead of spending your valuable weekend mowing the lawns, pulling out the weeds and varnishing the deck – apartment living enables you to share the costs of maintenance with all owners without having to lift a finger.


Particularly for people who live alone or are young in age, the safety aspect of apartment living is a big advantage.

There is a sense of community in apartments. People know their neighbors, there are always people around and often buildings are gated or have security personal at the scheme.

So, Why Buy Off-the-plan?

Incentives and Grants

With Governments around the country trying to boost the construction industry, many are providing attractive incentives to encourage the purchase of new homes, including new builds and off the plan. Luckily for you the Queensland first home buyers grant does apply for off the plan sales!

Repair Cost Savings

Buying off the plan means you are buying your apartment as brand new as possible. The difference in maintenance costs are quite significant in comparison to an older house or apartment.

Early Bird Catches the Worm

Developers will often be under pressure to get their first sales on the board and recoup some of their costs, so the first properties sold are often the cheapest.

Pick of The Bunch

When you are buying off the plan, the first in best dressed concept applies. This means, you can choose the place with the killer view, northerly aspect or furthest from the busy street.

Savings in Utilities

It is no secret that apartments are being built with more sustainable solutions for utilities. This is due to Government regulations and advancements in technology. If you buy off the plan, you are buying into a building with modern infrastructure that can save you a lot of money on your utilities bills.

Time to Get Finances in Order

One of the benefits of buying off the plan is the smaller upfront commitment. Typically, you will need to put down a 10% deposit and you won’t need to make the entire payment until the development is complete.

Equity Without Interest

If the market grows between paying your deposit and settling the property, that’s capital growth you have earned without even having a loan to pay interest on.

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