Strata Storm Season Preparation

Weather experts are predicting an active storm season this summer.

The upcoming thunderstorm season is likely to be extremely active across northern and eastern Australia. A neutral phase of the Pacific or weak La Niña conditions combined with high land temperatures should increase the number of days with suitable conditions for thunderstorm development.

So now is the time to be prepared – as individuals and as a community.

When was the last time your complex had a building valuation and adjusted your insurance accordingly? Major insurers recommend strata communities have a full building valuation at least every three years.

The next step is maintenance and preparation. Various web sites such as Harden Up have practical tips and tools to make sure you and your community are prepared for the most typical forms of natural disaster affecting Australians.

The site has information which is sensible and practical such as:

  • Check your roof area for loose tiles or iron sheets
  • Considering having tarpaulins and ropes available in the case of roof damage
  • Check roof eaves, gable end walls for gaps corrosion or rotten timber

In addition to suggestions that you might not have considered such as, drawing a map of your property and clearly mark the location of your electrical switchboard, natural gas connection or tanks, water supply, and solar inverter, and keep this with your Household Emergency Plan.

This allows utility services to take fast action in an emergency.

If your community has a building manager or facilities manager, there is every chance, they have this information at the ready.

The best support during a natural disaster is your neighbours. They might need a hand getting storm ready. Plus, when bad weather strikes, it’s important to be able to advise emergency services personnel on who lives next door.

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