Your Guide to the SSKB Website and Strata Resources

In this article we will discuss all you need to know about your guide to the SSKB website and Strata Resources

Client Portal.

As a lot owner in an SSKB managed building, you have access to the SSKB portal. The portal is a one stop shop for documents and information relating to your body corporate/owners corporation and Strata resources. It consists of specialised features that enable them to service your needs to the highest standards based on best practice. The portal has daily updates with financial information. You are able to see payment history relating to your lot account and view any contributions that are due. Meeting minutes are posted in the portal as they become available after a meeting has been held.
The first time you visit the portal, you will need to create a user account. As an SSKB client, you will have received a Welcome Letter that contains a User ID and Password for your property. This information is required to set up your User Account and to access your Strata resources  If you need this user ID and password re-sent to you, please contact our Client Solutions team on (07) 5504 2000 or at for assistance.


Levy notices received in the mail can be paid via Stratapay using the ‘QuickPay’ option on the log in page of the portal. Simply enter your 8 digit Stratapay reference number and hit the ‘QuickPay’ button.
Quick Pay is an easy way to pay your levies online without having to fully log into the website. It only requires you to enter yo ur StrataPay™reference number.
StrataPay™ is an advanced payment solution provided by The MaxSoft Group, used by StrataMax™ to offer online payment capabilities. Visit to learn more.

Client resources / Strata Resources.

At SSKB we want all of our clients to be ‘Strata Sure’ when it comes to their homes and investments. We’re continually striving to make a positive difference and we achieve this on a daily basis by guiding our communities through proven processes and strategies.
The SSKB client resources section is designed to provide you with general information and tools regarding your body corporate or owners corporation. In addition, there is a range of forms, legislation and information to get you well equipped to successfully own in a Strata community- after all, it is our specialty.
If there is something else we can help you with, please contact our dedicated Client Solutions team who will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.
Client resources:

  • Forms
  • Committee information
  • Pay your levies
  • Access you info
  • Update your details
  • WorkHealth and Safety (QLD)
  • Term deposit rates
  • Our fees.

Further Information About SSKB.

At SSKB, we pride ourselves on being informative and completely transparent. If you would like to find out more about who we are and what we do you can browse the following tabs:

Client Services.

Our client services section comprises of community management, developer consulting, insurance, client solutions, banking solutions and strata consulting.

Community Management.

Our team of professional Community Managers obtain the skills, knowledge and experience to successfully implement strategies to deal with the day-to-day operations of a body corporate or owners corporation community.
Our Community Managers lead the industry with personalised service and positive outcomes.
Effective management of your community is as important to us as it is to you – after all, it is our specialty.

Developer Consulting.

SSKB Developer Consultancy service is about getting it right from the start.
We understand the complexities of property development – after all, we are the specialists in strata and community titling for master planned communities, mixed use and high density developments, units and townhouses, commercial, residential, rural and industrial properties.


Insurance cover is imperative for strata communities across Australia and there can often be confusion as to what must be insured.
SSKB has partnered with the industry leaders to offer body corporate and owners corporation communities the best service available with competitive premiums, superior claims handling and expert insurance advice.

Banking Solutions.

To better serve our clients, we offer options when it comes to banking requirements through partnerships with two of Australia’s leading banks. The two banks including Bendigo Bank and Macquarie Bank.
SSKB can provide different structures of banking to suit the varying needs of our communities.

Strata Consulting.

The team at SSKB have over 20 years experience in the body corporate and owners corporation industry. In addition, we’re able to offer a range of value-added consulting services for all participants in the community management sector. These services include: Management Rights, Lot Entitlement Reports, Architectural Review Committee and Building Management Groups.

Affiliated Services
Star Building Management Services.

Star Building Management Services (Star BMS) is a facilities management company. StarBMS meets the needs of the growing need for quality asset management in the body corporate sector- after all, it is our specialty.

Silver Asset Services.

Silver Energy was formed in 2003. They provide bodies corporate and building owners with access to industry-leading experience in bulk utilities supply administration and the resultant cost savings. In 2008 the company name changed to Silver Asset Services to better reflect the comprehensive range of services available.

SSKB Developer Consultancy.

Successful developers choose SSKB because we get it right. In addition, they know they’ll receive accurate, prompt, professional advice that assists in creating buildings preferred by the market. We are experts in strata schemes, delivering body corporate and owners corporation levies that are realistic whilst identifying intelligent ways to increase developers’ margins.

Recent News Articles.

Our News Articles are to assist our clients in developing a deeper understanding of strata living. After all, SSKB are here to assist you.
Contact us today for more information on how we can help you to be ‘StrataSure’ with your Strata resources and make a positive difference to your community.

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