SSKB Process Digitization and Glasses of Coke at Restaurants are the Same Thing – Sort Of…

Who is looking forward to the full re-opening of restaurants? Me.

For those that cannot remember a time pre-lock down and may have forgotten: restaurants are these places that serve food, someone asks what you want, and you sit at a table and eat. You don’t have to wash the dishes. You have a meal, a laugh, a good time. You are generally with family and friends sharing stories, and you create memories. They are good places.

What is your favourite restaurant, and why? I have lots of “favourites”.  My first recollection of favourite restaurants is not of the food we were served. Most restaurants serve good food, so it is hard to have a standout based only on what I ate. Why my favourite restaurants are my favourites, and better than others, is not only, and mainly, not because of the food. Good food is essential, but it isn’t the defining aspect that makes a restaurant special. Restaurants become favourites because of how they make you feel. They are about experiences.

My all time favourite restaurant experience happened in Melbourne. William (who was 7 at the time) and I arrived early while Elizabeth was busy doing something. We had some time to pass while we waited for her. William and I had a busy day walking around Melbourne site seeing. We were both thirsty. As we walked from the front desk to our table with our maître d, William and I discussed how thirsty we were, and what we wanted to drink. It was a special occasion and Willian asked if he could order a Coke. Generally, Coke is not allowed – proof I am a “good father”. However, because I wanted to lock in my status as William’s preferred parent, I said “yes”.

The maître d seated us and promised our waiter will soon come by to give us menus and start the ordering process. A minute later the waiter did attend, and not just with the menus. He had with him a big glass full of Coke. He waiter said the maître d knew William wanted this, and ensured it was sent over. How good! We didn’t even have to ask. We didn’t have to wait. What William wanted magically and promptly appeared. That simple action made us feel so special.

I have regularly reflected on the service we got from that maître d. That is what we want for SSKB. It’s our vision as to how we will be different, and it is a vision our entire team are working toward delivering. I want us to send glasses of Coke to every thirsty client, if you know what I mean. I want the Body Corporate equivalent of every Dad to be made a hero in the eyes of their child.

I am a committee member for the Icon Body Corporate, and I love the SSKB term deposit platform. It is just like an ice-cold glass of Coke, which mysteriously arrives.  It identifies a client with a need (excess funds in a maturing term deposit), and the email about renewal arrives at just the right time. It allows the treasurer or chairman to click a button, and the term deposit is reinvested or the options for renewal are provided so the treasurer can make an informed decision about reinvestment of the excess funds. The problem is solved and disappears, with minimum friction. No paper is printed, no forms signed. Click and gone. Audit trail exists. Nothing slips through the cracks.

The term deposit platform is what we have in mind for our digitization project. We are going to send glasses of Coke and quench thirst without friction. We are going to identify and anticipate a need (even before the client realizes), and suggest a frictionless solution, which is easy to achieve by clicking a button, all automatically and with perfect documentation. Digitization will make the client experience better and it will make our jobs easier to do.

I am excited about what we can achieve, and how digitization will deliver a better experience for all our clients. This won’t be an overnight change, but hopefully you will notice all the little improvements that we are making. We are trying to create the experiences that you will remember.

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