Why over 47,000 lot owners choose SSKB

Before proposing a Community Manager for your scheme, we would like to meet with your Committee in person to understand your requirements and ensure we provide you with the best possible fit.

Our Community Management Teams consist of  highly trained and experienced specialists who can expertly manage your scheme, whether it be a large or small scheme, a residential or commercial scheme or has a BMS which incorporates various tenants and uses. We have the experts and the support team to make your role as a committee member simpler and more enjoyable.

When you are a client of SSKB, you gain access to our expert client solutions team who are on hand to assist with all owner enquiries. Having a dedicated team to assist clients with their queries allows your Community manager to spend more time making a positive difference to your strata community.

Our Community Managers are a close-knit group who work together for the benefit of clients. As a result of this, we have a high retention rate which will beneit your community.

SSKB Strives to make a positive difference in the lives of our lot owners by providing quality service and advice.

We employ industry qualified staff that are constantly undergoing training ensuring that they are up to date in all strata management legislation.

“making a positive difference in the lives of our lot owners since 1995”

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