Renovating apartments in Bodies Corporate – What you need to know

The east coast of Australia is seeing record property prices with predictions that prices will continue to increase. 

Due to the spike in property values, many people looking to enter the property market are making the decision to renovate. This includes many property owners deciding to renovate apartments in Bodies Corporate.

For owners who are new to strata properties, one of the big confusions experienced is understanding the difference between your private lot (your lot) and common property (which belongs to every owner). It might seem straight forward to think that everything within your four walls is your property to do as you wish, but that is not necessarily the case. 

Renovations to bathrooms, laundries and kitchens may be subject to committee approval as they could impact on waterproofing between lots. The same considerations apply with altering internal walls.

At SSKB we have put together some tips for those who have decided to purchase in strata and are planning their renovations.  

  1. Check Your By-Laws
    Before starting your renovations, we would recommend you check the specific by-laws in your building before you undertake any improvements or renovations. It could save you time and money in the long run by ensuring you do not begin improvements without the necessary permission of the Body Corporate. If you don’t know where to find your by-laws, your Community Manager can help. 
  2. Get Permission 
    You will also be required to submit an owners motion for improvement to a lot or structure on common property. The digital form for SSKB clients can be accessed by clicking here
  3. Contact Your Community Manager 
    SSKB would encourage owners considering renovations to contact their Building or Community Manager before commencing. If work does not require approval, for things such as internal painting, the Building Manager may still be required to be notified to arrange access for tradespeople. 
  4. Inform your Neighbours 
    At SSKB we are passionate about community living. Part of living in a well-functioning community is to ensure you are considerate and communicate with your neighbours. Simply letting your neighbours know that there may be some noise coming from your lot for a short period will go a long way. 

Renovating apartments in Bodies Corporate is become more common. If you are currently considering a renovation project for your apartment, contact your SSKB Community Manager who will be able to assist you regarding the by-laws and specific information for your scheme.

If you are not a client of SSKB and would like to find out more, click here 

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