Popular Plants for Common Gardens

Well-maintained common property around your strata community not only improves your property visually, but can also impact on your property’s values.  Common property which can be greatly and easily improved includes all aspects of the gardening and grounds such as lawns, access roadways and swimming pools.

The community can engage the services of professionals gardening contractors to carry out maintenance, while some smaller schemes have their body corporate/owners corporation members volunteer their own services to maintain to improve gardens.

Well-planned gardens can be a source of joy, but poorly planned ones may place the committee in an undesirable position: pay the high costs of excessive water use and regular maintenance, or be left with dry brown lawns and plants that struggle to survive.

An easy around this is to plan a garden around native Australian plants – for year round ease of maintenance.  Native plants are hardy throughout the tough Australian seasons, spectacular when in flower and require minimal maintenance. With a little effort and planning between the committee and your gardening contractor, you can deliver a common property garden which ticks all the boxes.

Appearance: Australian plants are unique, displaying distinctive and spectacular blooms. The mix of hardy plants with exceptional colour and flowers can provide a rugged, informal, and beautiful landscape.

Suitability: Unsurprisingly, Australian native plants are better suited to local conditions than exotic plants, being more likely to thrive through the potentially harsh Australian seasons. Native plants establish easily and generally require minimal ongoing maintenance. If you want a no fuss garden which looks great all year, native plants are the answer.

Wildlife: Native plants attract native wildlife including animals, birds and insects. A garden full of nectar-feeding birds and butterflies can increase the amount of delight and joy your common property garden brings.

Variation: Whether you are looking for shrubs for privacy, some pot plants for smaller common areas, or just an injection of colour and scent, there is an Australian native plant to meet your needs.

Some strong native plants which you may consider for a common garden may include wattle, bottle-brush, and banksia.  It is worth considering as well that trees, especially utilising native Australian trees, can add considerable value to property, as well as aesthetic appeal.

In order to achieve the best outcome for your common property garden, talk to your local nursery about the species that best suit your location and needs. Alternatively, direct your gardening contractor to consider native plants when preparing a gardening quote or proposal. These initial steps may be the seeds of success for your community’s garden, saving money in water bills and time spent in maintenance.

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