‘Paws’ For Thought Before Choosing An Apartment Pet

With apartment living becoming the lifestyle of choice for an increasing number of Australians, it comes as no surprise to find an increasing number of buildings becoming more pet friendly.

Australians have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world:

About 62% of Australian households own pets. There are an estimated more than 24 million pets in Australia.

Dogs are the most common pet, with 38% of households owning a dog. There are estimated to be 4.8 million pet dogs in Australia; 20 dogs for every 100 people. Cats are the second most common pet, with 29% of households owning a cat. There are estimated to be 3.9 million pet cats in Australia; 16 cats for every 100 people.

But before you enthusiastically add a puss or a pooch into your apartment, there are a number of things you need to do.

Choose Your Property Carefully


Pets can make great companions – SSKB Strata Managers looks at how they adapt to apartments.

While an Owners Corporation or Body Corporate cannot unreasonably withhold permission to have a pet, some buildings would prefer to remain pet-free.

Before purchasing, seek out the rules or bylaws that apply to your building and read them thoroughly.

An increasing number of communities will allow pets under specified conditions.

Also, before making a final decision on purchasing an apartment, also consider what modifications might need to be made to make the apartment safe for pets (such as a cat net enclosure on a balcony) – these may not be permitted by the BC or OC.

Body Corporate and Owners Corporation legislation ruling on pets differs from state to state, so we’ve included links here:

Choose Your Pet Carefully

Not all pets are suitable for apartment living. SSKB looks at making the right choice

Not all pets are suitable for apartment living, so make your choice wisely. Your pet will be spending most of its days indoors, so large dogs and active cat breeds such as Burmese may not the best choice.

According to Catological, the best breeds of cats for apartments are:

  • Ragdoll
  • Maine Coon
  • Persians
  • American short-hair

Dog lovers don’t miss out, Business Insider picks the some of the best breeds for apartment living that includes

  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Boston Terriers
  • Bichon Frise

Committees will likely want to know the name, breed and approximate weight of the pet and whether it is desexed and microchipped. They may also want to know about the behaviour of the pet to ensure that it is a good neighbour.

Pet Preparation

Preparing apartments for pets is particularly important.

Once you’ve picked your apartment and obtained permission, it’s time to make the inside of your apartment pet friendly.

Is there a suitable place for your pet to sleep, to eat, to toilet? What about play time?

Cats love to look out the window and watch the world go by. Is there somewhere suitable for them to perch? What about somewhere appropriate to climb and to scratch? There are some chic and stylish cat furniture that wouldn’t look out of place amongst designer pieces.

Dogs need regular exercise and some of that can be done in the apartment with suitable toys. BCs and OCs will have specific conditions on how to move your pet across common areas. Make sure you and Fido follow the conditions placed on him.

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