Mascot Towers – Update

Last Sunday it was announced by the state government that they would fund a multi-million dollar emergency assistance package until the liability of Mascot Towers can be determined. The package also offers interest free loans to residents of up to $400 per night to assist with temporary accommodation.

Residents of the 132 units in Mascot Towers were evacuated from their homes on June 14. Residents were emailed last Monday night and urged to remove all possessions as engineers continue to investigate.

According to a new engineers report that was sent to residents last Monday night, the Mascot Towers building is “moving in a downward motion”.

The ‘downward motion” was not elaborated on in the report, however, the northern and eastern boundaries of the building were reported as having the movement.

With repairs predicted to take at least 12 months, residents have been informed that it is unlikely they will return in the near future.

At last nights meeting an engineer informed residents that he does not expect to be able to deliver a full report on the building within the initial four week predicted timeframe.

It has also been released that the buildings surrounding Mascot Towers have been reported to be leaking and cracking. One particular building has been reported to showing signs of deterioration for five or six years.

As more updated are given to residents, the likelihood of residents being able to return to their home lessens.

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