Mascot Towers Defect

It has been one week since residents of the Mascot Towers building located in the south of Sydney were forced to evacuate. The evacuation was sparked by major cracks appearing in the beams of the building.

Access for owners and residents

Following the sudden evacuation, half of the 132 units have been reported as partly accessible. Residents have been given access to briefly enter the accessible units to gather personal items with the condition that they are escorted from management and security.

The other half of the units that are considered non-accessible zones are alongside some car parks, recreational areas and some businesses.

When will residents be able to return home?

Residents have been warned that it may take more than one month before they can move back into their homes. Engineers are working towards determining the cause of the cracks in the building before the building will be deemed as a safe living environment.

It has been recently announced that the Mascot Towers victims will receive $400 per night from state government.

Who will pay for the defect?

Under NSW law, building defects are only covered under warranty for the first six years after the development is complete. Due to the building being 10 years old, Mascot Towers is no longer under warranty.

Owners of the apartments in the development will be left with a substantial bill to repair the structural damages. Following Thursday nights Mascot Towers building meeting, owners have agreed to pay a $1 million special levy for repairs.

Some residents have claimed to have previously complained about cracks and concerns in the building.

What if this were to happen in QLD? How could your Body Corporate minimize the likelihood of major building defects?

At SSKB we recommend that Bodies Corporate obtain quotations for a building defects report as soon as possible, particularly if you are within the defects liability period. As well as this report, it is important that your Committee and/or Building Manager is doing a monthly walk around to identify any possible defects. Holding regular committee meetings where any concerns can be discussed.

At the First Annual General Meeting the Building contract will be handed over to the Body Corporate. This should be kept on file in the likelihood that any issues should arise.

Are you with a Strata Manager who has the experience to deal with concerns of residents and the Committee? Employing experienced Strata and Building Management Services can assist in stopping major issues before they occur. SSKB is a one-stop-strata-shop, with access to experienced managers, building and facilities management, utilities and development consultants. If you have any areas of concern for your building contact your Building/Community Manager as soon as possible. If you are not an SSKB client and you would like to find out how simple it is to switch, click here to contact us today.

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