Is Your Home Storm Ready

Australia is known for its rapid changes in weather. In summer we may enjoy a scorching hot day at the beach and by the evening be battening down the hatches in storm season.

To minimise the possible damage to your home, SSKB share tips on how you can protect your property and aim to avoid costly repairs and time spent on insurance claims.

Building Insurance Valuations
Failing to have an accurate and up to date insurance valuation can result in inflated premiums or alternatively insufficient cover in the event of a claim. It is important to have an accurate insurance valuation, giving you peace of mind that should you need to claim this storm season, your valuation won’t cause any issues. Your Community Manager at SSKB can assist your Committee in arranging this.

Garden maintenance
Heavy branches and overgrown trees and plants can be a major problem during storm season. Trimming back branches is generally not the type of task you can complete within a couple of hours if you see a storm rolling in and it pays to ensure that regular maintenance is in place.

Keeping your strata property well-presented and maintained will not only maintain the value of your investment, but it will also keep you and other residents safe during storm season.

Building Maintenance
Gutters will build up with leaf matter over time, which can lead to water overflow during a storm event. Loose tiles can also let in water and be a hazard during strong winds. Ensure that your gutters and roofs are regularly checked and cleaned.

Protect windows and doors
Many strata properties have common property where residents can enjoy function spaces, rooftop BBQ areas and more! When a storm hits, who is responsible for closing the doors and windows in these areas?

You may have a Building Manager that will be onsite to ensure everything is locked up and water is kept out. However, if your building does not have a Building Manager or they are offsite at the time of a storm, residents can assist by doing a quick walk around the building to ensure any doors and windows are closed and safe from the harsh Australian rain.

Remove any loose items of furniture
Many strata schemes are lucky to have shared facilities that have seating areas, plants, bean bags and more. Now that we are beginning to enter storm season it may be a good idea to start creating a plan with your Committee and/or Building Managers about who will move these loose items to a safer storage space to protect your scheme from severe winds and rain.

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