Human Trials Have Begun for COVID Vaccine – How can you help?

The next critical phase for The University of Queensland’s COVID-19 vaccine has now commenced. On Monday July 14, the University of Queensland human trials of its COVID vaccine.

The researchers at the University required up to 120 volunteers for the first stage of the human trial. More than 4000 individuals expressed their interest in volunteering.

It is expected that it will take three months for preliminary results of this trial. If everything goes well, the next stage will involve a larger group with a wider demographic to determine the efficacy of the vaccine.

The University of Queensland vaccine made in Queensland by Queenslanders could save millions of lives worldwide.

“Participants are thoroughly assessed so we know that they are fit and healthy and eligible to take part, and we will follow them closely through regular monitoring for 12 months,” Dr Griffin said.

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SSKB are proud supporters of the UQ research

At SSKB, we are proud supporters of the UQ research. We have been able to support the University of Queensland appeal by donating $5,000 towards the research of the vaccine. The project has the potential to change lives in Australia and around the world.

While we understand that many are facing hardship during these times, we also recognise that many of our clients would like to personally support the research at UQ.

Donations could help reduce the timeline for an effective vaccine for COVID-19 by six months and advance vaccine research at UQ to prepare for future outbreaks.

The University is calling on the community to support the COVID-19 vaccine research with a donation of any amount.

To give to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Research fund, please click here

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