How To Conduct a Successful Meeting

From working with people from different backgrounds and knowledge bases, to a disgruntled  owner that wants an unreasonable request granted, it can be stressful trying to hold productive committee meetings.

Effective committee meetings are essential to the successful running of your Body Corporate / Owners Corporation and ensuring that your scheme is running in accordance with its legislative obligations.

Being prepared and efficient can make all the difference to your meetings and ensure your meeting is a successful one.

Below are 11 Tips to ensure your committee meetings are effective and efficient:

Preparation is the key

You can guarantee your preparation to your committee meeting by:

  1. Ensuring the meeting agenda captures all items for discussion
  2. Ensuring the agenda is sent out with sufficient time to allow other members to review and prepare for the meeting
  3. Contacting your Community Manager with any specific queries in advance of the meeting, such as questions in relation to the financial statements
  4. Arranging time to discuss the agenda with the Community Manager in advance of the meeting to ensure preparation – a Chairperson may wish for  more detailed assistance from the Community Manager

    At the Meeting
  5. Hold the meeting in an appropriate location e.g., you may want to reconsider holding it outside on the rooftop during the peak of winter. SSKB clients have access to meeting facilities in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Melbourne.
  6. Open the meeting on time – arrange for proxies, apologies etc., in advance to ensure a quorum is reached and the meeting can proceed without the need to reschedule
  7. Set a time limit to complete the meeting by and advise attendees of this intention at the start – generally meetings should not need to run for more than 2 hours
  8. Arrange for any special attendees e.g., contractors invited to discuss their agreements to the start of the meeting to then allow them to leave
  9. Ensure a clear action is captured for each agenda item and ensure matters are progressing
  10. If no further action will be taken on an item, ensure this is closed off so it does not continue to appear on the agenda
  11. Consider forming sub-committees to work on any larger projects offline (with the appropriate formal resolutions)

To watch our video on how to be a great Chairperson, click here!

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