How To Be a Considerate Neighbor When Celebrating in Your Apartment

Moving into a strata community means that you need to be considerate as you are in close proximity to neighbours.
In particular, when throwing celebrations in strata living, neighbours need to be taken into account.
We have listed below our top 5 tips on how to be a considerate neighbour:

1. Choosing the time of your celebration

Within your strata community, there will be many different working schedules. It is important to be considerate when choosing the time of your celebration. Celebrating on weekends and public holidays are often the best times to host. Hosting during the day is often beneficial due to neighbours not being home.

2. Moving the party to the communal area of your apartment

Many apartment buildings have a communal area for guests to utilize when throwing celebrations or for general use. This allows for noise to be taken away from the unit areas and will minimize the noise levels for your neighbours.

3. Curfew

Most strata communities have strict curfews implemented for noise purposes. When throwing celebrations, it is important to consider these times and ensure that your event does not exceed the curfew. It is a good idea to let your guests know a time frame in which your celebration will be held leaving yourself enough time for the celebrations to run a little bit late and allowing time for clean-up.

4. Parking

When inviting your guests to attend your celebration it is a great opportunity to let them know the best way to transport to your apartment. Let your guests know of any street parking that is near by or any car parks that are in walking distance. It is best not to rely on visitor parking in your strata complex if you have multiple guests attending. It is important to be considerate to your neighbours who may also have guests visiting.

5. Cleaning of common property

When taking any food and drinks to the communal area in your strata property it is a good idea to also take your cleaning supplies with you. Taking the cleaning supplies before your celebrations begin will allow them to be on hand and aid for a quick cleaning process. Always leave common property in the condition that you found it and be considerate of your neighbours that will use the area after you.
Celebrations are always welcome in strata communities however, it is important to consider your neighbours when hosting as you are are in close proximity.
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