Hosting a Party in an Apartment

It can be difficult to host party and celebrations when you live in a strata apartment due to limited space. In the summer months, roof tops and common areas make entertaining guests an enjoyable and easy occasion. However, as the cooler months approach entertaining generally moves indoors.

If you have previously tried to host a party in a small apartment, then you will be aware of the challenges that comes with it.  

Rearrange the Furniture
If your apartment is on the smaller size, rearranging your furniture can be a great solution for creating more space. A quick fix to create more open space can be to push the furniture against the wall. This way your guest at your party will have more room to walk around and enjoy the space.

Keep it cool
Having lots of guest crammed into your apartment can get stuffy. Keeping the air conditioning on a cool temperature will make your guest more comfortable. If you have a balcony in your apartment, leave the door open so that your guests are free to go in and out as they please.

Jackets and bags
You are already short on space, having guests place their jackets and bags beside them on the sofa will take up more space than you have spare. Having a designated area for your guests to leave their belongings will help to maximise the seating space that you have.

Be cautious of your neighbours
Most strata communities have strict curfews implemented for noise purposes. When throwing a party, it is a good idea to let your guests know a time frame in which your celebration will be held to avoid any noise complaints from your neighbours. Celebrations are always welcome in strata communities. However, it is important to consider your neighbours when hosting any events.

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