Have You Downloaded the SSKB app?

Here at SSKB we believe that being a committee member should be easy and we understand that being a committee member is not your only role in life. So, we’ve invested in an app for your phone that will make your life easier by giving you all the information you need at a swipe of a thumb.  

Of course, you can view your personal lot and levy information but as well, you can view committee specific information like; meeting minutes, agendas and approved invoices, as well as committee group chat and electronic voc (voting outside of committee).  

We have also included an in-app messaging service where you can have one-on-one or group messages and even video messages! This will enable your committee to communicate effectively and efficiently. You can also live chat with our client solutions team for any questions or concerns. 

We have been listening to the feedback of our clients and have ensured that you can complete and submit forms and sign right on your screen all in the app!

Our SSKB app is included in our agreed services, so you don’t have to worry about costs. This is just one of the ways SSKB adds value for our clients.  

At SSKB we continue to lead the way with digital innovation to make the lives of our committee members easy and build a positive difference in our communities. We are constantly striving for the most innovative ways to further improve your Body Corporate and Owners Corporation service and provide you with an effortless way to ensure that your investment is protected and runs as efficiently as possible.  

Have you downloaded the SSKB app?


So, how can you download the app? 
You can easily download the app on your smart phone from the Apple or Google Play stores. 
Your Community Manager will let you know when the SSKB app is available for download for your building and can answer any questions you have! 
In the meantime, we have created a video that shows you everything you need to know about the app, click here to watch!  

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