Great Meetings Are On The Agenda – NSW

Life is too short to spend in meetings, so anything that begins by getting issues on the table and ends with concrete actions on those issues is a good meeting indeed.

We give you the inside tips on how to run an effective meeting.

In New South Wales, Owners Corporation Strata Management Meetings are governed by legislation.

Each member of the strata committee, and every lot owner, need to be notified of an intended strata committee meeting at least 3 days before the meeting is due to be held. The notice of the meeting must include a detailed agenda for the meeting.

But the work begins before the meeting is called by setting an effective agenda.

Create your meeting agenda in advance

A good agenda identifies all the subjects to be canvased at the meeting, so everyone knows what to expect.

And state an actionable resolution to be voted on.

Add time limits per topic

A focused five-minute discussion is more productive than a half-hour chat. Adding a time limit to discuss each item on the agenda lets everyone know the approximate length of the whole meeting and helps reduce the waffle.

Prioritise agenda items

The most important issues should be given priority. Even if you end up deferring items to another meeting, at least the most pressing issues will have been addressed.

Break down agenda topics into key points

One great way to make sure that all the relevant information is there without writing War And Peace is to follow this simple structure:

  • Who – does this issue affect?
  • What – what is the issue?
  • Where – what lot, or area of common property, is affected?
  • How – how can the issue be solved?
  • Why – why this will be of benefit?

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