Gold Coast Residents, Now is The Chance to Have Your Say!

The Gold Coast City Council has revealed that Surfers Paradise is receiving a radical refresh. The makeover has been long awaited as the Commonwealth Games soaked up most of the funds on the Gold Coast.

Cavill Mall is on the list to be revamped as well as the famous Surfers Paradise sign which may be moved to a more practical location.

The good news for residents is that the council is inviting them to speak up about their ideas.

In total, 23 projects are on the list to be extended and revamped.

Some of the projects listed include:

  • The Cavill Mall refresh – $1.5 million has been assigned to refreshing the Cavill Mall, this figure is expected to increase as the plan evolves. Some of the changes currently proposed are to improve the pedestrian experience, creating better shaded areas and creating a more vibrant and colourful aesthetic.
  • Palm Avenue Walkway – A major factor to be considered when revamping the glitter-strip is to make the coast more pedestrian friendly. This includes improving the pedestrian connection between the Cypress Avenue Light Rail Station and the Foreshore (beach). A formal pedestrian crossing across the Esplanade is proposed.
  • Surfers Paradise sign – This is probably the most shocking and controversial change of all however, it is a smart move. The Gold Coast sign famous among tourists as well as the locals. Although, trying to snap a photo with the landmark isn’t the easiest of tasks as there is a busy road in-front of the sign. Moving the sign to a more practical location could be a positive move for Surfers Paradise.
  • Surfers Paradise Boulevard – To ensure that the pedestrian experience is improved on the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise Boulevard will increase shade, planting and wayfinding. The streetprint road pattern will also continue to Q1.
  • Esplanade – The proposed changes plan to create a shared space on the Esplanade. This includes reducing Vehicle speed and dominance in an attempt to become more pedestrian-focused. It is also being proposed that there will be temporary closure of the road between Friday and Sunday evenings.
  • View Avenue – To support the pedestrian focused vision for the coast, widened footpaths are on the list of changes. To complement this, more trees will be added to the streets to provide shade and more lightening will be added. The pedestrian crossing across the Esplanade will also be formalised.

Have your say!

Residents have until November 26 to make online submissions and view the proposed master plan. Click here to have your say!

Alternatively, submissions can be made in person on November 12 between 9am an 3pm at the big red heart in the centre of Cavill Mall.

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