Go Smart, Go Paperless

Did you know that Tuesday, 6 November is World Paper Free Day?

The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) initiative looks to raise awareness of how much paper is used (and wasted) in business.

In Australia, less than half of the paper used ends up in recycling (45%), with more than 3.6 million tonnes of paper used each year.

According to Clean Up Australia, the average office worker bins around 50 kg of high-grade paper a year, which is a staggering 10,000 sheets of A4 paper!

Here at SSKB, we’re taking our environmental responsibilities seriously with a drive to encourage all our Lot Owners to Go Paperless.

You can play your part by electing to receive notifications, levies, agendas via email and reduce your carbon footprint.

And there are some great reasons to make the switch.

It’s Simple

Nothing could be easier than making the switch to paperless.

Click here to fill in the form to confirm your details and your e-mail address, and you’re done!

And going paperless simply makes sense:

  • Receive your levy/fee notice direct and conveniently to your e-mail in-box;
  • Never miss an important notice relating to your community when you access e-mail across all your mobile devices.

It’s Secure

Enjoy safe and secure delivery of notices when you go paperless with SSKB.
You can help eliminate the risk of identity fraud by reducing the number of posted items coming into unsecured mailboxes (which can be a target for theft). Only you have access to your e-mail account.
Put an end to lost paperwork. You can access your levy/fee notices time and again from your e-mail account.
You can also securely log into the SSKB Portal and check all your details and your account history, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It’s Fast

Go paperless with SSKB and receive your notices instantly!
Postal delivery is not as fast as it used to be. Going paperless means receiving contribution notices within minutes of issue – not a week (or more) later.

It’s Green

Reducing the amount of paper used is great for the environment. Recycling just one tonne of paper saves:

  • 13 trees;
  • 5 barrels of oil;
  • 4,100 kwh of electricity;
  • 4m3 of landfill; and
  • 31,780 litres of water

And we have other ways you can help protect the environment and reduce your paper consumption:

  • Think before you print – Do you really need to print out that document? Being mindful about the number of paper you use each day will help reduce the number of unnecessary print-outs.
  • Use both sides of the sheet of paper – this is a real easy way of reducing your paper consumption by 50%. Set your printer or copier’s defaults to double sided. Select one-sided printing only when really needed.
  • Use technology – Many organisations offer electronic statements and invoices. Choosing the electronic/paperless option reduces paper use (as well as the carbon output of delivering the mail).

Join SSKB and play a part in helping the environment by going paperless here:

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