Getting Organised in Your Strata Property Marie Kondo Style

It has been three months since the hit Netflix show got people to finally organize their lives, here is a bit of a reminder.
Tidying up with Marie Kondo stars the Japanese decluttering expert. The more bags of clutter and rubbish that the home owners get rid of, the better. One of the couples on the show estimated that they chucked out 150 full bags of clutter.
When first moving from a house to a strata property you often need to adjust your furniture and your belongings as your living space may decrease.
In an attempt to declutter your apartment, it is unlikely that you will have 150 bags of mess to get ride of. However, with some helpful tips from Marie Kondo your strata property can become more organised and give you more space to work with.
Below are some Marie Kondo top tips on how to get your apartment organised:

1. Make sure everything has its place

Make sure there is a specific place for every item in your home. When you are finished using an item put it back in its place. It will make things easier to find as well as keeping things organised and decluttered.

2. Get rid of papers

Most people are guilty of shoving the mail and bills into the nearest drawer. With everything now becoming available online, the mountains of paper are turning into useless clutter.

3. Store items vertically, do not stack

This tip is probably Kondo’s most popular tip. The idea is to fold your clothes so that they are able to sit upright in your drawer. It uses up less space and is easier to find the items that you are looking for.

4. Get rid of old clothing

When sorting out your closet, Kondo recommends holding each item in your hand. If the item does not bring you joy or you can’t remember the last time that you wore the item, it is time to send it to a new home.

5. Tackle categories, not rooms

Kondo’s first rule is to tidy by category. For example, sort through all the clothes in each room of the home then move on to all of the books in your home.

6. Respect your belongings

Kondo recommends silently paying respects to your home. It is important to appreciate the items that you own which will assist you in letting go of items that you are not as attached to.

7. Fold don’t hang

Most people hang their clothes in their closet. However, Kondo recommends folding clothes in drawers. It is easier to find items as you can have drawers dedicated to a certain category. For example, a drawer for shorts and skirts, a drawer for shirts, a drawer for jeans etc.

8. Don’t confuse mementos with memories

Many people save mementos and photographs because they are afraid that they will lose history if they get rid of them.
“There is no need to worry. Truly precious memories will never vanish even if you discard the objects associated with them”, says Kondo.

These tips for organising your home will keep your apartment organised and clutter free.
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