Flammable Cladding Update

Body Corporate Communities across Queensland have until March 29, 2019 to undertake a mandatory ‘combustible cladding checklist’.

On Monday, 1 October the Queensland Government released the survey on the Safer Buildings web site.

SSKB Co-Owner and Director Tim Sheehan shares important information for all Queensland Body Corporate Communities:

What is this about?

SSKB wants its clients to be aware of changes to the Building Regulations which address combustible cladding installed on some buildings.

As committee members, you are busy people. The purpose of this video is to give you an overview of the obligations, and to outline how you can comply.

Who does this affect?

This is for Queensland bodies corporate.

It covers bodies corporate with buildings built from 1 January 1994 to 1 October 2018, or for older builders where cladding has been installed in that timeframe.

It covers buildings which are in Classes 2 to 9, and of a type A or B construction. Generally apartment buildings of 3 storeys or more will be affected.

What are the deadlines?

For these buildings, the body corporate MUST sign a declaration before 29 March 2019. That declaration will state either the building has no combustible cladding, has combustible cladding or that the committee does not know.

If your body corporate states it does not know if the building has combustible cladding then the committee has until 29 May 2019 to find out. The committee will find out through engaging a registered expert.

For buildings that have non-conforming combustible cladding the committee must direct that a notice is placed in a conspicuous place on the building, and that every lot owner and tenant gets a copy of the notice.

For buildings with combustible cladding they must appoint a qualified fire engineer. The name of the fire engineer must be given to the QBCC by 27 August 2019.

The fire engineer must produce a final risk assessment report which states if the building is safe in its present condition, or if rectification work is required. The report must be completed by 3 May 2021.

What do we need to do?

For bodies corporate that are covered by this building regulation we are recommending they hold a committee meeting before Christmas to make the resolutions necessary to comply with the time frames. Generally this will include appointing an appropriate expert, and approving the information which goes into the declaration.

Remember, this is general advice, and each committee may have a different situation, which is why the committee meeting is essential.

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