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When living in a Body Corporate, disputes can occasionally occur. How the issue is approached and resolved is crucial to the relationships between the parties going forward. A badly handled dispute can lead to a breakdown of communication between key parties of a Body Corporate, such as between a resident and a committee member. In this article we will discuss dispute resolution for your community. 

In Queensland the majority of schemes are registered under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act (BCCMA) and Modules, along with their own individual Community Management. The BCCMA allows for disputes to be resolved according to the steps outlined in the legislation, where a dispute is between:

  • Two owners of lots included in the scheme
  • The Body Corporate and an owner or occupier of a lot in the scheme
  • A Body Corporate and a caretaking service contractor
  • A Body Corporate and a service contractor where the dispute concerns a review of the service contract under the statutory review provisions contained in the Body Corporate and Community Management Act
  • A Body Corporate and it’s letting agent
  • A Body Corporate and a committee member
  • The committee of the Body Corporate and a Committee Member

How to handle a dispute before they escalate:

Be calm and polite
Whether you are communicating via verbal or written communication you should always ensure you are calm and polite.

If the community or your Community Manager becomes involved, you are more likely to achieve your desired outcome if you have approached your concerns in a non-confrontational way.

Document your dispute
If you have approached your issue in a calm and friendly manner and the issue continues to persist, you should start to document what has been said and done.

This will assist you in the case that the dispute continues to escalate.

Who should you escalate your concerns to?

If you are an owner in a Strata property, you can contact your Building Manager if appropriate, or contact the Community Manager of your building with any concerns or disputes that are occurring. If your building does not employ a Community Manager, you should raise any concerns with your Committee.  

One of the roles of a Committee is to enforce the by-laws and with assistance from an experienced Community Manager they will be able to assist you in resolving your matter.

At SSKB we promote positive communities and can assist with any dispute resolution. To make the switch to SSKB, click here for a confidential discussion.

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