Difference Between A Community Manager And A Building Manager

Strata can be a confusing world and often the lines blur with the roles and responsibilities. For anyone new to a strata–titled development, there are terms which may sound similar but in reality are completely different. At SSKB we have put together this article to make the roles clearer and outline the role of a Community Manager and Building Manager.

So, what is the difference between a Community Manager and Building Manager?
In short, A Community Manager helps committees look after the legal and administrative side of the Body Corporate/Owners Corporation.

They act as a secretary and treasurer (or provide professional assistance to the committee members who have these roles), they manage the collection of levies/fees and the trust accounts, prepare financial statements and keep the accounts.

In addition, strata managers call and convene committee and AGM meetings, take minutes, keep the roll, act on the instructions of the committee to arrange quotes for repair and maintenance, assist with compliant resolution, arrange insurance valuations, manage insurance claims and other various tasks that may arise.

So, are there things a Community Manager does not do?
A Community Manager is not the same as a building manager whose duties may include the maintenance of common property, however a committee may ask a strata manager to arrange for those services to be performed.

The role of a Building Manager
A Building Manager looks after the operational management of the building and its facilities. They liaise and supervise various contractors and suppliers, carrying out maintenance and upgrades. Building managers provide offerings such as security, cleaning and property maintenance and undertake day-to-day administrative tasks, enforcing by-laws and issuing keys to new occupants or holiday renters.

The caretaking services provided by the building manager are specified in the caretaking agreement between the resident manager and the Body Corporate/Owners Corporation. Usually, the building manager will be responsible for duties such as maintaining the garden, mowing lawns, cleaning, lifts, lobbies, changing light bulbs, and overseeing refuse collection. The Building Manger also plays an important role in confirming work has been done (to the standard required) by contractors and service providers.

If you have any concerns over the duties and responsibilities of each role, contact your community manager.

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