Declutter your Apartment for the New Year

It’s the beginning of a new year and many of our clients are in the new year, new me cleaning zone! If you are looking to declutter your apartment, you are in the right place!

Whether you are going Marie Kondo style or simply enacting a new minimalistic apartment vision, this article will give you tips and tricks to help declutter your home!

Entry way
Let’s start with the first thing you are greeted with after a long day at work, your entry way! Not only is this the first thing you see, but it is also the first thing your guests see. 

It is important to make a good first impression. Keeping your hallway free from mess and clutter is always a good idea! To avoid your entry way becoming a dumping ground for shoes and bags, a storage bench or hallway table is a great option. 

Both options will allow you to showcase some of your favorite possessions such as vases, books and ornaments 

Living room
For many people, the living room is where you spend most of your time at home (when you aren’t sleeping of course!).  It can be easy to attract a mountain of DVDs, games, electronics, magazines and any other items you frequently use in this space. A good hack for this is to take your DVDs out of the cases and store them in a DVD/CD storage case. Another hack to avoid messy and tangled cables by using a cable oraginser bag. This will avoid things being shoved into your TV cabinet.


Declutter for the new year


The kitchen is an area that often looks cluttered. One of the easiest tips we can give is to put utensils and other items in drawers or cupboards to avoid cluttering the bench tops.  

This second tip may not save room but it sure is satisfying to look at! To get your pantry looking picture perfect, storage containers can be a great investment. Not only are they aesthetic but they also keep your food fresh for longer.  

Under the bathroom sink is notoriously a space where many households do a lot of hoarding! From expired products, to that hairspray you keep saying you will use but haven’t touched in 10 years, its time to cull! If you are finding that all of your bathroom products are necessities and you are still running low on space, here is a tip. Floating shelves on the wall or an over the toilet storage rack could be the way to go! 

A tip to leave you with!
Now that you have created a blissful and clean apartment to live in, we will leave you with one last tip. You have put on your Marie Kondo shoes and decluttered your space ready for the new year ahead, so it is important not to undo all your hard work by making more unnecessary purchases. Before you head to the register think, ‘do I really need this in my home? 

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