COVID-19 Research – The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland is the only Australian organisation tasked by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) to develop a vaccine against the novel coronavirus.

Researchers at The University of Queensland (UQ) are currently working on a vaccine for COVID-19 – a project which has the potential to change lives around the world.

The University of Queensland’s potential COVID-19 vaccine is entering an important new phase of testing with the live coronavirus to determine how effectively it induces protection against coronavirus infection.

The UQ team will partner with the Dutch company, Viroclinics Xplore, on the crucial pre-clinical studies.

Click here to watch the video interview with UQ COVID-19 vaccine researchers. 

SSKB are proud supporters of the UQ research

At SSKB, we are proud supporters of the UQ research. We have been able to support the University of Queensland appeal by donating $5,000 towards the research of the vaccine. The project has the potential to change lives in Australia and around the world.

While we understand that many are facing hardship during these times, we also recognise that many of our clients would like to personally support the research at UQ.

Donations could help reduce the timeline for an effective vaccine for COVID-19 by six months and advance vaccine research at UQ to prepare for future outbreaks.

The University still needs to raise $4.5 million and is calling on the community to support the COVID-19 vaccine research with a donation of any amount.

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