Conflict within the Committee

When living in a Body Corporate/Owners Corporation, conflict within the committee can occasionally occur. How the issue is approached and resolved is crucial to the relationships between the parties going forward. When conflict arises between Committee members, badly handled dispute resolution can lead to a breakdown of communication between key parties of a Body Corporate/Owners Corporation.

So, how do you handle conflicts within the Committee? 

For some people, it’s easy to become extremely defensive and want to meet the conflict head on, but this will only make matters worse. Other people prefer to ignore the issue in the hope that it goes away. This will also make matters worse. So, what do you do?

  • Keep Calm.There is really no substitute for keeping calm in problematic situations. Take a deep breath, communicate with the person you are having conflict with in the hope to resolve the disputeand then wait to respond.
  • Assess the Problem.Look at the entire situation from every angle. Put yourself inthe shoes of the other Committee member to see what they might be dealing with. Assess whether you’ve covered all your bases or if you’ve dropped the ball. Be honest and be fair.
  • Respond Professionally.Whatever the situation, it is always best to respond as professionally as possible.Be polite and be careful of what you say. You can easily turn a fiasco into a triumph by being professional. It is important to remember that if you are required to escalate the issue to the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management, any unprofessional communication will be taken into consideration.
  • Make a decision.It is important that any parties involved in the dispute make a decision in relation to whether the conflict is resolved or whether they are required to escalate the issue.

Who should you escalate your concerns to? 

If you are an owner in a Strata property, you can contact your Community Manager with any concerns or disputes that are occurring. Alternatively, in Queensland the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management provides a dispute resolution service, however, recommends that attempts at self-resolution are always made as the first step.

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