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When making the decision to purchase or rent in Strata property, living in a community is often an attractive factor. Although, once you are all settled into your home, many of us get so busy with day to day life that we sometimes forget we are part of a community.

Are you new to community living?

Many people living in an apartment property can go for years without knowing their neighbour’s names, let alone what they do or where they come from. Saying hello in the hallway is about as far as it gets for community interaction for many people. If you’re looking for ways to change this and build a sense of community in your scheme, there are plenty of events which can be organised.

A good sense of community is critical to the day to day running of both small and large scale properties. This sense of community must be able to flow between all the different aspects of the community. This includes between Lot Owners, Tenants, Strata Managers, Committees and other administrators. Being able to foster a sense of pride, belonging and wellbeing in such a community is crucial for creating a genuine communal environment.

Whilst this may be a relatively new way to live in Australia, for many around the world community living is the norm.

Community Living in Vancouver

In Vancouver, effort is made to create a sense of community between lot owners and particularly among renters.

‘Block parties’ are organized so that neighbors can get to know each other in a more social context.

Local students also volunteer to set up a desk at the entrance of buildings and offer residents advice about the area including the best places to eat and the nearest public transports stops.

There are many attributes that can be taken from Vancouver’s approach to community living and implemented in Australia.

What can you do to create a sense of community in your property?

Are you part a Strata property but aren’t sure how to initiate the social interaction between you and your neighbors? A great way to start is by writing to your committee or contacting your Community Manager to ask them to put “community building” on the next agenda.

Initiating conversation between fellow residents is a quick and easy way to get to know your neighbors. You can arrange social events in the communal areas of your building once you have got to know a few friendly faces. You never know, you could be living next door to your new best friend! 

At SSKB we promote positive communities and understand the importance of social interaction for your individual health as well as the welfare of the building you share. If you’re not with SSKB and would like to have a confidential discussion about how SSKB can benefit your community, click here to contact us today.

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