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Why do I need to update my details?

In the case of a transfer of ownership, the purchaser (new lot owner) is required to supply the details relating to their purchase of the property. This will usually be supplied by the solicitor acting for the purchaser. The body corporate/owners corporation is required to maintain a roll (a register of all lots including information detailing the address for each lot owner).

All lot owners need to notify the body corporate/owners corporation of changes to their details so that they will continue to receive notices.

These notices may be:

  • Upcoming meetings
  • Minutes relating to the decisions of the body corporate/owners corporation
  • Copies of the budget adopted at each AGM
  • Notices for contribution payments

If address details are not kept up to date, contributions will fall into arrears.
This can result in penalties to the lot owner.

Changes can be made by emailing rollchanges@sskb.com.au or completing our interactive website forms below:

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