Building Your Own Lockdown Resilience Toolkit with Greg Layton

The Melbourne lifestyle has always been thriving – the music and arts scenes, the foodies dream and of course that inner-city apartment living. The sudden shakeup into a state of disaster, the endless flow of negative press and lockdown inside an apartment (often with no balcony) can really impact the health and wellbeing of even the toughest of minds.

With a client base of primarily apartment dwellers, we wanted to reach out and support in any way we could. In response to the current environment, SSKB have teamed up with Chief Maker’s Greg Layton to host a “Build Your Own Resilience Toolkit”. SSKB wanted to give back to our clients and support them to get through some of the challenges that come with lockdown.

Greg is Melbourne based himself, so is also experiencing isolation for the next six weeks. He has assisted some of Australia’s leading executives in building their own resilience ‘toolkits’ and is translating those learnings to help shift the way we approach this lockdown. Having studied with the Shaolin Monks and worked as a high-performance coach, so we are excited to have him expand that knowledge to our valued clients.

We had our first Facebook live event on Tuesday August 11. You can check this out on our Facebook page if you missed it! The first session was all about building your own lockdown resilience toolkit.

These events will continue every Tuesday lunchtime for 6 weeks. They will be recorded if this time does not suit, as we want as many clients as possible to reap the benefits.

Some of the key takeaways from the event were:

Greg shared some insights about how to adjust your thinking and reaction from negative to positive, a technique used when coaching elite sports and executives called smart automated response systems.

In 2009, Greg went off the grid into the remote mountains of china to live and train with the Shaolin Kung-Fu monks. Like all Martial Arts, Kung-Fu teaches and engrains a set of moves to help automatically respond to threat when it arises. It is like a playbook for personal protection. Over several months he trained from dawn to dusk with his master as he learned to instinctively respond to any threat with confidence and flow.

Our daily lives and work are much the same. Each of us already uses a playbook of sorts to deal with stress, challenges and goals. Think about how you respond to stress…is it exercise, work harder, avoid or something else.

But now we face a totally unique situation. The game plan has changed and we find ourselves in isolation with a playbook that was designed for something completely different. Like a basketball than now finds themselves on a netball court and can no longer dribble the ball. Our responses aren’t effective and don’t help us alleviate stress.

This first session focused on understanding your current stressors and identifying the key triggers for you. It then teaches a framework so that you can build your own Resilience Playbook.

To find out how you can implement these automated response techniques, click here to watch the full video from our Facebook live event.

Greg shared his resilience and flow playbook where he talked about what triggers your emotion and how to create a new mindset and actions to prevent negative emotions.

Click here to download the playbook and create your own.

Greg also opened up the floor to our clients for any questions they had. Some questions they asked were:

Q: I’m personally finding it tough being away from family and friends

A: Just one of the many ideas shared during the webinar was hosting a private dinner by video with a close friend or couple. The more intimate the better for actual conversation and connection. Cook the same meal, drink the same wine, get dressed up as you’re heading out to dinner and enjoy each other’s company. Simple, yet effective.

We are all in this together and are sending our support to our Melbourne office and clients during this time.

PS – Large group zooms don’t work…this is far more personal and you will get to know your friend / employee in a better way. We did this the other night with some friends across town – we sent progress pics to each other of the slow cooked lamb we were both cooking. Chatted for 3 hours. Gold.

Q: I lead a small team and am looking for any tips or tolls that I can use to better help support them through these times?

A: A great way to show your team that you care and are there for them is to have one on one lunches with your employees.

If you have any available time, setup a mentoring or career coaching call with them. This will make them feel valued and part of the future of the business. You’ll learn more about how things are really going for them and it might even just help them through a tough few days here and there.

Q: I am living alone during lockdown, do you have any tips?

A: In our Facebook live event Greg Layton recommended to build a support network of friends and check in everyday. At the start of each day you can all share what your definition of success would be for the day, just the two or three things that’ll make the day a win. Then check-in in at the end of the day. Holding yourself accountable is a key success factor. If you are feeling alone, a great avenue is to join community pages on Facebook to meet likeminded individuals.

We are all in this together and are sending our support to our Melbourne office and clients. If you would like to attend our next event about ‘mindfulness’ click here to register for the event.

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