Building Spotlight – 38 Camberwell

38 Camberwell is one of Melbournes most sleek and luxurious apartments. With its cutting-edge design and an unwavering commitment to optimum standard of high-end quality fixtures and fittings throughout, 38 Camberwell offers its residents all you could want and more.

38 Camberwell, like most buildings throughout Melbourne were issued a building notice from the VBA.

The Committee acted quickly. They engaged Roscon to complete a material assessment report which identified the severity of the combustible cladding that covered the impressive building.

The Committee met regularly to keep on top of the matter and to better understand the issue. This enabled them to provide support for all Owners.

The Owners Corporation Manager contacted Cladding Safety Victoria (CSV) which is a government initiative scheme to assist Owners Corporations who have high or extreme risk to life with combustible cladding.

Cladding Safety Victoria conducted a due-diligence investigation and accepted 38 Camberwell into the program.

After all inspections were completed, Cladding Safety Victoria advised the Owners Corporation that they will be completing a full removal and rectification project at no cost to the Owners.

A truly remarkable outcome which shows how amazing the Committee are to be able to work with the Owners Corporation to get this result for owners.

Chairperson – Terry Ryan played a huge part – big thanks to him for meeting the VBA and being heavily involved in the lengthy but rewarding result.

At SSKB we are lucky to manage 38 Camberwell and work with the Committee to ensure the building is operating as safely and as efficiently as possible.

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