Bruce Does Double Duty

Bruce Scott is a committee member who does double duty.

Not only is he Body Corporate chairman of the iconic Broadbeach building, The Wave but he’s also a committee member on another building too. Bruce doesn’t even live at The Wave but he is one of a small group of dedicated people who act on behalf of an owner as a company nominee.

“I did have an apartment at The Wave when it was released eight years ago and after a few years I became chairman,” said Bruce.

“But after I sold, I was approached by another owner who wanted me to act as their proxy. Then our previous chairman resigned to concentrate on his Melbourne business, and that’s how I came to stay on as chairman.”

According to Katie Todd, general manager of SSKB’s Gold Coast office, Bruce’s familiarity with the building and the great relationship he has with the rest of the committee makes the arrangement work well.

“Appointing someone as chairman who doesn’t live in the building is not very common, but Bruce is doing it to assist the body corporate owners as there wasn’t anyone else who nominated for the role and the current members wanted him to stay,” she said.

“Bruce’s tenure on the committee and knowledge of the building has assisted the committee to continue with the smooth running of the complex.”

Bruce has spent most of his career in the construction industry and says that his business background is a distinct advantage in bringing the focus and professionalism needed to ensure that a strata community works effectively.

He said it was important to have a great relationship with your strata manager.

“For the majority of people, this will be the very first time they’ve had anything to do with body corporate management, so to have someone who can provide guidance and advice is invaluable,” he said.

“Queensland is far ahead of the game when it comes to strata management and the expectations of the committee.”

Katie said that appointing a company nominee like Bruce is a great way for investors to ensure they have someone with a hands-on interest looking after their investment.

“In this case, the unit owner has more than one lot so they made Bruce a company nominee so he could be on the committee,” she said. “A company nominee has exactly the same rights and responsibilities as another committee member.”

Anyone considering using a company nominee as a representative needs to follow a set process.

“A lot has to be in the name of a company for a company nominee to be appointed,” said Katie. “The appointment can be specific to the building matters only, and not encroach on the actual company. To be sure, the appointment should be provided by a qualified legal person.”

Finally, Bruce has advice for anyone looking to stand on the executive committee of their body corporate or owners corporation committee – especially in large developments which may have complex issues to manage.

“It helps to have someone with legal experience, we’re lucky to have a very good one on our committee and it’s also important to have a treasurer who is familiar with accounting practices,” he said.

The straight talking Scotsman says one of the most important roles a committee has to foster harmony in their community.

“There are so many people who think only of themselves and what’s in it for them, but a committee has got to work for the benefit of all the owners,” he said.

“That’s the level of professionalism I want to bring to the committee of the place I now live.”

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