Balcony Safety Fears

On Christmas Eve 2018, residents of Sydney’s Opal Tower were forced to evacuate from their homes due to cracking appearing in the structure of the building. Since then, the media has been highlighting defects within the Strata industry, with Opal Tower being the next big issue to come to light.

The same company that built Opal Towers is now involved in another defect scare.

Residents of a Sydney building received an urgent safety letter to notify them that their balcony had been diagnosed as being structurally defective. Warning notices have been attached to balcony doors. The original letter given to owners stated that “the Owners Corporation would be notifying the Builder and Developer and to the extent necessary, seeking to include the balustrade system within the existing Supreme Court proceedings relating to defects”.

Although residents have not been requested to evacuate their homes, they have been advised not to lean on their balconies or not to allow more than three people to stand on them at one given time.

The Sydney building comprises of 298 lots and is less than four years old.

What Caused the Defects?
It is unknown how the balcony issues were originally discovered however, an inspector who specialises in structural defects and failures was called to the property to check the building.

It was found that the aluminium posts that support the balustrades and glazing did “not comply with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards”.

The President of Builders Collective Phil Dwyer has highlighted that structural issues require a trained eye and therefore residents may have been unaware of the issue. Residents have been urged not to underestimate the severity of the warning and to take all possible precautions to avoid leaning on the balcony.

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