4 Tips to Cool Off Your Pool Bills This Summer

It’s that time of year again, summertime! Residents who are lucky enough to live in an apartment or townhouse with swimming pool facilities are starting to take full advantage. Spending weekends soaking up the sun and cooling off in the pool is what summer is all about!

At SSKB we have put together some energy savings tips for pools to help you get the best bang for your buck this summer!

4 Tips to Cool Off Your Pool Bills This Summer

Clean the Filter

Blocked filters affect the efficiency of pool motors and put unnecessary stress on the pumps. Ensuring that the filter basket is checked and cleaned every few days will assist the pumps and motors to work more efficiently. This will save your Body Corporate/Owners Corporation in energy costs as well as extending the life of the pool equipment.

Make the Switch To More Energy Efficient Machinery

An SSKB managed building, Allunga and Ballah, is one of the best maintained buildings of its age on the Gold Coast. Previously, the swimming pools at the scheme had been heated with gas. The proactive Committee and knowledgeable Body Corporate Property General Manager realised that there were more efficient options which could significantly reduce costs and be better for the environment.

The Committee resolved to install new electric heat pumps. The gas system was replaced with a X 8 Fairland full invertor heat pump with variable speed technology and complemented with an Automated pool cover heat retention system with thermos insulated blankets.

This resulted in a $84,000 per year saving in energy costs. There are many other energy efficient products on the market that could save your Body Corporate/Owners Corporation significant amounts of money. Contact your Community Manager for more recommendations specific to your scheme.

Use A Pool Cover

Significant amounts of money can be saved in heating costs by using a pool cover.

Pool covers also reduce the evaporation rate which will help to reduce water costs.

This tip is more for the winter months when the pool is not being used as regularly.

Check the Running Time of your Pool Pump

Running your pool pump at night can assist in reducing costs. Check with your energy provider when the peak hour times are for your scheme. Running the pool pump predominantly in off-peak hours can assist in saving in energy costs.

Implementing these tips will assist your Body Corporate to save on energy costs. You can get back to relaxing by the pool. If you have any questions about the pool at your scheme, contact your community manger.

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